President Solih Assures The Younger Generation Of His Commitment For Human Rights

On December 12th, speaking at an official ceremony commemorating Human Rights Day and the Maldives Human Rights Commission's 18th anniversary (HRCM), President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih stressed the administration's commitment to achieving the goals of today's educated and rights-conscious younger generation for enhanced human rights protection.

President Solih outlined some of his administration's efforts to preserve and promote human rights, recalling the predicament that members of Parliament experienced three years ago when they were prevented from participating in Parliament and exercising their right to free expression.

He claims that those chosen to represent the people now enjoy the ability to speak freely without fear of undue influence or hindrance. The President also discussed the benefits of a free press, highlighting some of the difficult realities that the media experienced previous to his election.

In this vein, President Solih recalled how the previous administration had disregarded and forgotten particular islands in terms of development initiatives, a stance that his administration had changed.

Each of the government's projects, from fundamental services like housing, water, and sanitation, attempts to fulfill the government's commitment to defending and promoting human rights without discrimination, according to the President.

Regarding the protection of society's most vulnerable members, President Solih reiterated that all types of harassment and violence against children, women, or the elderly will not be permitted. He also promised that his administration would do all possible to promote and preserve their rights.

In his final remarks, the President praised HRCM members and staff for their work in promoting, safeguarding, and maintaining human rights around the country, and asked the commission to pay more attention to all elements of human rights.