VP Faisal Acknowledges The On-Going Development Projects By The Government

On December 12th evening, Vice President, Faisal Naseem remarked that the administration is making revolutionary gains and advancements in the direction of growth. He addressed the remarks at the Coastal Protection Project of Gn.Fuvahmulah City Inauguration ceremony held in the Island School.

VP Faisal highlighted that projects have been finished or are in the works on every single island when discussing the numerous development initiatives now happening around the country. In this regard, he also mentioned the irrelevance of an island population for the developments to take place.

Commenting on the coastal protection project in Fuvahmulah City, VP Faisal mentioned that the effort that was unveiled today had been in the works for ten years. He went on to talk about the city's other ongoing development projects.

Along with the Vice President, cabinet ministers, the Ambassador of the Netherlands to Maldives, Mrs Tanja Gonggrijp, and senior government and Fuvahmulah City officials, attended the ceremony.