Yumnu from Clique College Achieves ABE Top Paper Award!

ABE qualifications are well-received around the world as a testimonial of excellence in character and skillset of aspiring candidates. Clique College has been offering ABE programs in partnership with Associate Business Executive (ABE) for over 20 years now. It is one of the most successful ABE centres among 200+ exam centres located across 32 countries. Why do we say so? 
Aishath Yumnu Mohamed of Clique College has excelled as a winner of ABE Top Paper Award, joining 56 other Top Paper achievers from the college alumni. The ‘Top Paper Award’ is an honor awarded by ABE to the highest achievers in individual units. Yumnu passed with flying colors in the June 2021 assessment sessions, from the unit Advanced Project Management.  
“As interesting as the modules were, the standard for ABE Level 6 made them just as equally challenging.” said Yumnu, speaking on the journey leading to the achievement. 
Her gratitude goes to the helpful lecturers of Clique College. “We were all struggling to cope with the pandemic as best as we could, and the meant switching between physical and online classes, as well as adapting to open-book examinations. However, the help and guidance from our Lecturers, the college and the additional support material that ABE provided, truly made the experience far easier and better.” 
Also touching on the youthful college environment at Clique, Yumnu noted the friendly classmates and appreciated their contribution in making the journey easier. “The greatest credit is due to my classmates. Throughout the classes, we helped each other understand better, lift-up morale and make things enjoyable.” 
Clique College ensures that students of ABE attain an internationally recognized professional qualification that paves the way forward to university progression anywhere in the world. Be it Bachelors, MBA or other Master’s programs, ABE qualifications boost your chances of building an outstanding business career.  
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