Statistics Bureau Sets Off For Test Round Of Census 2022

As per an announcement made by the Maldives Statistics Bureau, From December 9th onward, their personnel will conduct interviews in chosen blocks in Greater Male' Area as part of a pre-test for the Census 2022 Household and Individual forms.

This activity will significantly assist the bureau in improving and finalizing the questionnaire prior to the Census period.

The blocks in Greater Male’ Area that the bureau will carry out is listed below.
•        Male Municipal block 150 Galolhu
•        Male Municipal block 177 Machchangolhi
•        Male Municipal block 174 Machchangolhi
•        Male Municipal block 227 Machchangolhi
•        Villingili & Hulhumale (selected area)

The Census 2022, the official count or survey carried out to detect the population of Maldives, has been carried out by the Maldives Statistics Bureau since 2000. The Bureau, set to carry out their 4th survey, is requesting the public for their corporation as their personals set off for the test rounds of their forms.