Chat Away With Dhiraagu’s ‘Mamen Data Add-ons’!

Dhiraagu has unveiled its all-new 'Mamen Data Add-ons,' two of which will provide consumers with FREE data for popular chat apps!

Mamen was the first of its kind launched in the Maldives by the country’s leading telecommunications center, Dhiraagu. It gained a lot of attention since it was introduced as an innovative digital youth service, attracting the text-lovers around the country giving them privileges like complete control over their management in the app!

Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram, Messenger, and WeChat are among the popular chat applications included in the 2GB and 20GB data add-ons. Mamen users can now choose from a wider range of add-ons with better value thanks to the addition made by Dhiraagu. Additionally, Mamen users can also experience data add-ons with the shortest validity periods and greater flexibility for the first time!

Dhiraagu continuous to shine with their different tactics and specialized offers, marking their name in the country as one of the leading and the most innovative telecommunications center in Maldives.