Leading Global Travel Marketplace, Skyscanner to Lend a Hand in Rediscovering Maldives

I do not think I would be wrong when I say that one of the biggest tasks Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC), the government mandated body marketing Maldives as a holiday destination worldwide, has undertaken as of now since inception is to establish destination presence of Maldives as a safe holiday destination during this time period the world is beginning to recover from the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. Of course it must be extremely challenging to successfully convince a person to travel amidst the health hazard but MMPRC is trying.

In this regard, they have simultaneously launched multiple marketing campaign focus on different tourist markets by country and regions in addition to having taken part in numerous travel fairs for marketing purposes. We have another marketing campaign to add to the list today. MMPRC has launched a campaign in collaboration with leading global travel market place Skyscanner for the purpose of positioning Maldives as the most preferred and safest destination for tourists at the moment.

The campaign will continue for a three-month period which will focus on Italy, UK and Russia; three integral tourist market to Maldives always. Under the campaign a page will be dedicated to MMPRC on all Skyscanner platforms in three languages respectively. Its reach will be maximized, the anticipated total being of 50 million people.  The content in the page will comprise of destination promotion advertisements of all kinds.