A Milestone Celebration For Fenaka As They Assemble Genset Diesel Engine

The state-owned utility company, Fenaka Corporation Limited, Maldives has accomplished a remarkable milestone as they are now capable of assembling Genset Diesel Engines from 100 kW to 1000 kW of electricity.

As per an announcement made by Fenaka, the engines were assembled by an all-Maldivian team in which the succession is celebrated widely. Their main goal being the improvising done to the services they provide to the public, the Genset diesel engines are now being assembled in different islands throughout the country.

In the project that started on June 6th, Fenaka has now completed enough engines to provide electricity to 6 islands where the engines have been installed and is running perfectly. The work that Fenaka has done these past 5 months are striking and the teams are celebrated for the success.

With the assembling done in the country, the amount of money spent to bring spare parts from outside sources will be drastically reduced and the services provided to the public by Fenaka will be immensely improved.