‘Do Your Part In Slowing The Spread’ Dr. Ibrahim Afzal’s Request To The Public

Health Emergency Operating Center (HEOC) Maldives, held a conference yesterday, urging the public to take more responsibility from our side to help in the spreading of the COVID19 virus that has taken all over the globe. The health system cannot banish the virus alone as the public plays a vital role in the actions that needed to be taken against it.

Dr.Ibrahim Afzal, an Epidemiologist in HEOC spoke at the conference yesterday, highlighting the successful control of the virus spread throughout the two years that we have been battling the pandemic. However, he also stressed on the future works that has yet to be done to completely get rid of the virus once and for all.

Dr Afzal stressed on the point in which most people with showing symptoms are refusing to corporate in providing samples to test for the virus. This could lead to a very bad outbreak that could be avoided as the ultimate goal to banishing the virus cannot be completed without the corporation from the public.

Furthermore, Dr Afzal highlighted another problem that arises with the public corporation being not enough information regarding the contact tracing being given to the health sectors. He stated that most people ignore the request even though it is one of the most important actions being done by HPA.

He urged the public to be more considerate towards the random sampling being taken across the Maldives as well as providing the contact tracing information to the health sectors. Do your part people! Let’s get rid of this virus once and for all and get back to our normal ways for the sake of our future!