Education Ministry Opens Scholarship Opportunity To Train For Principles

Ministry of Environment has opened scholarship opportunities for 20 students to study abroad in Malaysia. The opportunity stands for Masters in Education Management in which future principles can be developed for the country.

Along with the scholarship, the students stand a chance to get a fully paid allowance worth a principle’s salary/month, the coverage of all the student expenses as well as return flight tickets.

The eligibility criteria states that the students must have completed a Bachelors Degree in Education, must have teaching experience of at least 5 years, should have paid their loans faithfully every month without any defaults and lastly should not hold a Master’s in Education Management.

The marks will be given as 30% for working experience, 30% for presentation and 40% for the interview. The Ministry will prioritize students who do not already obtain a Masters. If you stand a chance for the scholarship, apply before December 9th, 2pm.