STW500 Generators Begin Generating Electricity In V.Thinadhoo

STW Generators begin generating electricity to V.Thinadhoo Island in which the generators are known to be the first of its kind that is commissioned for use by State Electrical Company (STELCO).

Before the generator came in use, the island was previously getting a total of 656kW of electricity. However, with this new addition the island is set to get an addition of 1136 kW on top of the normal range.

STELCO is in works of changing the old generators still in use in the island in the old electrical house. As a statement made by STELCO, the new generator is in place after the island got the new Distribution Upgrade.

Future endeavor by STELCO for V.Thinadhoo Island consists an installation of 20kW Solar Panel in the electrical house.