BML Boosts Credit Card Limits for Foreign Transactions

Last year as a means of dealing with the increased pressure on USD liquidity amid growing concerns on the USD outflow due to the global pandemic, Bank of Malidves announced changes to the limits of foreign transaction on its credit cards. Following betterment of the situation earlier this year, BML revised the changes and upon further favorable improvement, BML has once again revised the limits.  
Starting October 17, 2021, the limit of foreign transaction on American Express (Green/Gold), Visa (Classic/Gold) and Mastercard (Standard/ Gold) will be increased to USD 750. Customers living abroad will continue to have the same limit per debit card.  
The current limit of USD 250 will continue to be available for all debit cards used locally that are linked to MVR accounts. BML Debit Cards linked to USD accounts are available to transact up to USD 3000 daily.  
Within the upcoming week, revisions brought to other credit cards not listed above based on card type will be communicated with customers accordingly.  
Should customers require to make payments exceeding the limit for medical or educational purposes, BML will amend the limit to allow the transaction upon submiting all supporting documents with a request via Internet Banking.  
BML continues to monitor the situation and bring necessary changes for the best convenience of its customers.