Development of Farming Essential to a Decentralized Nation, Says President Solih

Hope for farmers seeking to lease lots from inhabited islands was renewed by the President, as he promised that the government will be working to make facilitations for the challenges that limit the progress of the farming industry.  
President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih said so in his speech given at the special ceremony held at Kandoodhoo Island to celebrate the National Farmers’ Day.  
Reasoning his promise, President stated that given most farming takes place on inhabited islands with space restrains, it will be sensible for the government to collaborate with local island councils to seek long-term lots at an affordable price for farmers. He also spoke on introducing innovative methods such as vertical farming in small spaces with organic and ecofriendly products so to make the most use of the limited resources available in a sustainable manner. 
He also stressed on the importance of adapting modern technological advances and scientific data in farming activities to ensure both food security and convenient trade purposes in an archipelago like the Maldives. President further reiterated on the government’s plans to curtail and levy taxes on the import of 17 selected types of fruits and vegetables in order to encourage and push locally grown produce into the market in place of it. 
Moreover, President shared his concern regarding the fact that even though financial help is available in different means for farmers, the information is not properly communicated to a wider audience.  
President Solih ended the speech stating that in the long run, developing agriculture and empowering farmers will prove monumental in the growth of a decentralized nation.