President Officiates Food Security Programme and Fertigation System in Kandoodhoo Island

The food security programme and fertigation system in the island of Kandoodhoo has been officiated by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on his trip to Kolhumadulu Atoll. 
President Solih was joined on his current by a delegation of cabinet ministers, parliament members and senior officials from the government and the President's Office. 
During the ceremony, President handed out commonly-grown local plants to three farmers of the island. The first package of eco-friendly, organic fertilizers and pesticides were also given out to Kandoodhoo Island Women’s Development Committee. It was a token of encouragement to use organic methods of dealing with pests and other difficulties that arise on the island. Following the event, President Solih toured the local chilli pepper farm. 
Later during the day, President participated in inaugurating the Food Exhibition in Kandoodhoo Island at the Mauloodhu Haruge. At this event, the Farmers’ Handbook by the Agro National Corporation was launched.