Riveli Thari 2021 Announced for the Differently Abled to Showcase Their Talents

Ministry of Gender, Family and Social Services has announced Riveli Thari 2021 crafts competition for the differently abled to showcase their many talents to a greater audience.  
Aimed at motivating the differently abled to grow their talents and expose them to opportunities in the society, Gender Ministry is calling for applications to be submitted from now until November 15, 2021 at 1.30 p.m. being the deadline.  
The initiative will throw light on the hidden talents among the differently abled who can contribute to the society just like anyone else. By bringing them together to a single platform, they can be empowered whilst the community is made aware of the great talents and the challenges of being disabled as well. 
There are four different categories for talents to sign up for: 

  • Educational category 
  • Arts category 
  • Entertainment category 
  • Sports category   

Fill in the application form for Riveli Thari 2021 and prepare a video of between 2-5 minutes briefing on the talent. Details on preparing the video will be shared by the Ministry upon submitting the application form.