MOMS NGO “Superkids Challenge” is Officially ON!

Moms Offering Moms Support (MOMS) NGO organized a series of challenges aimed at providing a fun and educational platform for children to learn while playing. Named the ‘Superkids Challenge’, this initiative is also hoped to allow parents and caretakers to spend quality time with their children.  
In a special event held yesterday at Maagiri Hotel, First Lady Fazna Ahmed has officially launched the MOMS NGO Superkids Challenge and invited children of all ages to once again take up a delightful challenge. She was joined at the launching ceremony by the Minister of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment, Ahmed Mahloof. 
First held last Ramadan during the peak of the first lockdown amid the pandemic, the Superkids Challenge was a successful initiative that helped keep many children engaged during the trying times. She urged parents and caretakers to take a supporting role, giving children the opportunity to lead and learn while taking up the challenges. 
Themed around various topics, every challenge is designed to teach the child a special lesson. Each challenge, or activity pack, contains a booklet of activities, a certificate and a themed medal. Sales from the Superkids Challenge go towards charity programmes conducted by the MOMS NGO. 
First Lady acknowledged the many works untaken by MOMS NGO in raising their voice and battling against various issues related to children and women in the society. She also shared various anecdotes form her time as a teacher, and stressed on the importance of providing a balanced life for both children and parents for a prosperous community.  
At present, MOMS NGO has in the past five years grown to a membership of over 37k members across more than 100 islands in the Maldives.