City Council Entrusts the Renovation of 105 Roads in Male to RDC

Male City Council has renewed their agreement with Road Development Corporation for the renovation of roads in Male City under the ongoing Male Streetscaping Project. A special ceremony was held in Hotel Jen for the signing between Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu  and Managing Director Moosa Ali Manik respectively. 

A major revamp of the plan was made to include 105 roads in Male to be upgraded to modern standards, and 16 of them to be transformed into Asphalt roads. They are roads with high traffic diversion hence, making them greener, more accessible to the differently abled, convenient for loading and unloading goods on the roadside, and with better vehicle parking, the public will benefit greatly from the renovations.  

Speaking at the ceremony, Mayor stated that the new aim of the Council is to finish off the renovations of the roads in Male area within a scope of 2 years’ time for the greater convenience to the public. He stated that within this time, there might be difficulties in using the roads under construction, however, it will solve a number of longstanding issues once completed.
Moosa also spoke at the ceremony, reassuring that the work will be carried out speedily but without compromising the end quality.