Greeting Customers With A Smile – MTCC ‘Hinithunvumaaeku’ Campaign

In celebration of the World Customer Service Week celebrated from 4 – 8 this month, Maldives Transport and Contracting Company has launched the ‘Hinithunvumaaeku’ Campaign.  
This exclusive campaign aims to educate and motivate its staff to provide customer service with a smile. As the customer experience begins with the first interaction with the staff, all participants are educated on the importance of building a relationship with the customer. This in return will earn the customers’ trust, and hence make the company stand out among its competitors.  

The launching ceremony was held at MTCC building yesterday. The Chief Operating Officer Shahid Hussain Moosa was in attendance, and urged staff to present themselves with a smile to all customers as MTCC provides a multitude of services to them. He also stated that he is confident of the staff contribution to the success of this campaign. 
From October 10 – 28, all customers of MTCC can look forward to exciting activities planned out under the campaign.