Let’s Get Amplified with ‘Amplify’

One of the leading travel agencies in the Maldives, Reollo Travel has introduced an influencer marketing platform for creative talent management with the purpose of interlinking businesses with top tier influencers around the world. It is designed to fully utilize the power of social media in taking marketing to the next level and is the first of its kind to have been launched in the Maldives.

The platform will cater to individual businesses, brands as well as destinations in whole, unclasped together. It is advertised as a full-service solution which offers talent management to a growing community of extremely talented content creators along with influencers from all over the world and at the same time assists businesses in showcasing their brand and what they offer with comprehensive marketing solutions to help them position them extraordinarily in the market. Amplify will provide a full 360° view with post campaign analytics which would give the user a complete insight into the performance of their campaigns.

Photo: Reollo Travel Maldives

Reollo Travel hopes that the platform becomes a space where fruitful connections are established. However, they do stress on the point that a successful campaign will only be achieved by aligning talent with the brand values and ensuring the influencer’s audience match the brand’s target audience. You may view more details regarding Amplify here.