Fancy an Early Morning Swim at the Hulhumale’ City Swimming Track? Let’s Clean First!

The sunrise over the ocean is unarguably one of the most scenic views you could experience. An abundance of people would be exhilarated to go for an energizing swim in the early morning hours as the sun slowly peaks up at the horizon gracing the blue waters glistening over the sparking undulations of the waters. But, it is also unarguable that everything that takes out the beauty in this picture such as ocean waste and the strong presence of dead and dangerous beach rocks and even corals would make a number of people turn away from this opportunity. It is quite shameful that cleaning the area does not even pop up to their head; but today, a group of people have proved me otherwise.

Due to the difficulties faced by the public in using the swimming track at the Hulhumale’ City beach, a major clean-up of the area was carried out at the early morning hours of today. The clean-up was initiated by the Hulhumale’ City’s Constituency Parliamentary Member Mr. Ali Niyaz which was effectuated in support with Housing Development Corporation (HDC) and members of the general public. Safety measures advised by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) was strictly observed by all participating cleaners in order to minimize the chances of possible coronavirus transmission.

This was also unarguably a picture perfect moment depicting the desire and love of humans towards the sea.