Become a Degree Holder by 2025. Here’s How to Get a Head Start with Clique College.

Hello, there! Are you currently doing your O’Level exams? If yes, it means that you will be graduating from secondary school this year and venturing on to higher secondary education soon. What if we told you that instead, by joining Foundation Studies in Clique College, you can pave the way into becoming a degree-holder with work experience within a time span as short as 4 years?  

Designed to thoroughly prepare lower secondary graduates for an undergraduate degree program within the course of 10 months, Foundation Studies offered by Clique College is a comprehensive program that covers core foundational essentials required to tackle the challenges of tertiary education. In other words, it is a crash-course that will make you eligible to apply for an undergraduate program within a year.  

Strong basic skills determine your performance and ability to cope with degree level education. As part of the program, focus will be given to enhance elemental skills such as fluency in spoken and written English, and Mathematical skills that are major influencers of good grades in any given course. Furthermore, training in an established college environment will inspire you to gain confidence and develop strong academic and personal skills to match the demands of an undergraduate degree course beforehand.  

If you have not decided on your career path ahead yet, you can get an insight into any two fields of interest from choice of Information Technology, Business Studies, Education Studies and Sports & Exercise offered as elective subjects. 

Following the completion of Maldives Qualification Authority (MQA) accredited Foundation Studies delivered by Clique College, you can easily enroll in internationally qualified undergraduate degree courses such as ABE and CTH from the U.K., and SEGi from Malaysia. Additionally, professional qualifications courses are also offered at Clique.  

This opportunity removes the hassle of looking for a good program in pursuit of a degree and to continue studying for the highest standard courses in their respective fields without leaving the country. Alumni of Clique College who are currently excelling in the fields of Business, Accounting, and Travel & Tourism are a promising demonstration of the potential of building a solid career path ahead of graduating from Clique College.  

Clique College’s holistic education approach ensures that studies are not limited to just theoretical sessions. Students are welcomed into an eventful college life experience packed with opportunities to partake in events, field trips, workshops and more. Even this year, should the global pandemic situation get better, Clique will head to Turkey on a study tour. Yes, even you can be a part of this group of 45 members going on the 10-day tour planned for July 15, 2021. Such experiences expose students to the many possibilities to explore in their future.  

Applications are now open for June intake so without wasting any more time after your exams, hurry and apply before the June 3, 2021 deadline.