On the Occasion of National Children’s Day, Let’s Pledge to be Compassionate Towards Them

May 10th marked as national Children’s Day is a day of celebrating the happiness and life children bring into our lives. The innocence they come into the world with fill our surroundings and on occasions like this, parents, guardians, and families are reminded of the immense responsibility of ensuring that the world remains a kind place for the little ones.  

Speaking on the occasion, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih called upon the nation to be more compassionate towards children. In efforts of creating a more respectable future for the children, it is the obligation of the up-bringers to teach them to become considerate adults when they grow up. He emphasized the impact of our own actions framing the mindset of young children in becoming productive members of society in the future.  

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to see contemptible acts in our society harming the livelihood of children. Expressing his utter disapproval of such acts, President Solih urged parents to adopt the reliable Islamic values of bringing up children. He then reiterated the need to be attentive, patient, and loving with children to remove animosity and negativity from their lives in the crucial stages of development. 

From early education to proper healthcare, children require more than just technical assistance in growing up. Their lifestyles are heavily influenced by the love and affection they receive, and the guidance we as protectors give them in handling the many challenges at different stages of life.  

28 long years after debate and deliberation, the Maldivian administration has successfully ratified the Child Rights Protection Act in 2019 – the law came into effect in early 2020. It proves the high priority allocated towards the rights of children in the country. The President acknowledged that the scope of protecting children goes beyond passing legislature, but rather the three branches of the state need to work together to enhance children’s rights further and ensure their protection. 
Sending well wishes to all Maldivian Children on this Children’s Day.