MAHRP NATIONAL HR CONVENTION 2021 - VIRTUAL EVENT - is a SPECIAL EDITION OF MAHRP 2020 events which will bring both International and Local Speakers to one platform focused on the theme of "FUTURE OF WORK & TRANSFORMATION".

Originally this event was supposed to take place in March 2020, due to the global pandemic and its impact, we have postponed the event to several dates (fro March to July, July to August and August to October) obviously due to the pandemic health guidelines, we were not able to host the event as an in-person event. Hence we have decided to host the 2020 event as a Special Edition of MAHRP National HR Convention 2021 in Saturday 13 March and Sunday 14 March 2021. With great anticipation that we can host in-person and physical presence events from the second quarter of 2021; MAHRP's and Nation's Largest Gathering of HR Professionals for 2021 will take place in October 2021 (considering if the world will be in good order).
Special Edition of MAHRP National HR Convention - VIRTUAL 2021 will look at main themes as Future of Work and Transformation, Leadership Qualities for Future of Work, Building a Resilient Workforce and Preparing for the Future and role of HR.
We will bring international keynote speakers, local experts and case study presenters. This will be a unique Virtual Event.
For new registration - you can reach out to us via below link:
To those who have registered in 2019 and paid; You will receive a separate email; This Special Edition will be free of charge for you plus you will get a 25% discount on the 2021 - August - National HR Convention and EXPO by MAHRP which (hopefully) will be an in-person attend. By then we hope we can gather in large groups.
For those who have registered in 2019 and paid, You will be given a great opportunity to register and attend (free of charge); Three Master Classes; and you can choose the Class you want:
1- Master Class on Public Speaking and Presentation
2 - Master Class on Handling Crises and Building Resilience
3 - 15 Laws of Growth by John C Maxwell Thought by a Certified John Maxwell Coach/Speaker (International Certification).
Please stay tuned as we update and get this program detailed unveiled in the next few days.
We have a wonderful line of speakers. For further event updates, please feel free to call 7778035 or email at

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