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OBLU Nature Helengeli

Helengeli Island, North Male' Atoll, The Maldives

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OBLU the Diver’s Paradise: Some legends only get better!
For years now, the Island of Helengeli in the North Male atoll has been renowned for its fantastic house-reef and diving! Now under the up and coming Indian Ocean Brand – Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts; the island is rebranded as OBLU by Atmosphere
Launched on November 01st 2015, OBLU opened doors to the world as a contemporary 4-star superior resort! With its 4 different categories of villas OBLU unveiled a vibrant look and feel with contemporary design aesthetics whilst maintain the quaint cozy feel of the authentic Maldivian beach holiday experience!
The island itself is naturally blessed; particularly its mind-blowing house reef ! Any diver who has visited Helengeli reef will wholeheartedly agree it to be one of the BEST house reefs in Maldives and definitely the BEST one in North Male Atoll.
The magic happens due to its precise location, being in smack in the middle a prominent entry channel into the Atoll! During inward currents and tides from the Open Ocean into the shallower internal atoll lagoons and seas this attracts a vast array of pelagic marine life from the open sea who are attracted by the smaller reef fish dwelling amongst the Helengeli house-reef and becomes a hub of hunting activities!
Larger fish such as sharks, rays, tuna, and Jackfish congregate around the house reef frequently throughout the day together with the distinctly high visibility brought along with the inward tides this results in the PERFECT diving conditions!
Hardcore veterans of diving would find this to be one of the most unique dive experiences available throughout the Maldives! But even for beginners or intermediate divers can find plenty of exhilarating experiences with OBLU.
Exploring the vast house reef, sighting large turtles, silver tip sharks, as well as nearby ship-wrecks and coral gardens galore! A true Diver’s Paradise!