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UNFPA Maldives

UNFPA Maldives Country Office, 3rd Floor, Shinetree Building, Boduthakurufaanu Magu, Maafannu, Male' 20184, Republic of Maldives


UNFPA, United Nations Population Fund, began its support to Maldives in early 1980s, although a Country Office was only established in 1994.
Currently UNFPA Maldives is in the process of formulating the 7th Country Programme that will run through 2022-2026. We are working closely with government counterparts, civil society organisations and influential partners to deliver a world where every young person has the voice to claim their right to health, including sexual and reproductive health - at a time where Maldives is experiencing the largest ever generation of young people ever seen. This is also in tandem with a growing trend of regressive social norms that restrict the voices of young women and their bodily autonomy.
Hence, the goals of UNFPA in the Maldives are to achieve universal access to sexual and reproductive health (including family planning), promoting reproductive rights, reducing maternal mortality and accelerate progress on the ICPD agenda, the Sustainable Development goals for 2030 as well as the Nairobi Commitments. UNFPA also focuses on improving the lives of youths and women by advocating for human rights and gender equality and by promoting the understanding of population dynamics. Population dynamics, including growth rates, age structure, fertility and mortality and migration have an effect on every aspect of human, social and economic progress. Further, sexual and reproductive health and women's empowerment all powerfully affect and are influenced by population trends.
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